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"My artistic vision is, simply put, to unveil the beauty within. "
Andrea got her first camera when she was just four years old. By the time she hit college, the art and process of photography had captured her heart. Andrea has been a Medical Photographer as well as a Wedding Photographer, but today, she is content to shoot the images that truly speak to her soul.

Most of her current fine art photography is either from her love of travel or her everyday adventures. Andrea lovingly shoots her Nikon N80s film camera when she is traveling, and makes do with her 12mp phone camera when the muse speaks during her day to day life.

Her latest work-in-progress, fall+flow is a series that explores the nature and personality of water.

In one of her other work-in-progress,100 Women, Andrea captures the essence of her subjects in classic black & white portraits.

Her portfolio also contains a large collection of architectural, nature and landscape.

Individual photos can be purchased. Please contact Andrea for more information.

  • South Chadwick
    South Chadwick

    "I looked up and, immediately, the repetition spoke to me... the fact that the windows are so small intrigued me"

    - Andrea Kaldrovics © 1989

  • Footbridge

    "some images take courage to capture. this bridge has been long abandoned in a derelict part of town,"

    - Andrea Kaldrovics © 2000

  • Barnegat Bay
    Barnegat Bay

    "the stillness of the water at sunrise is always like poetry to me"

    - Andrea Kaldrovics © 2000

  • Winter Night
    Winter Night

    "my friend complained about the lights shining through the woods from the mall parking lot, but I found beauty in it, anyway."

    - Andrea Kaldrovics © 2001